Sunday, March 23, 2014

Slicing, Dicing, Yodeling, & Apple Downloads

Well, here it is 2 am on a Sunday morning and I am wide awake.  And it's not by personal choice, trust me. And just why might that be, you ask? I'll tell you, why…

My next door neighbor is a bit loose in the head and keeps very strange, sometimes exceedingly noisy hours that even he would be hard-pressed to explain. Some days I'm awakened by loud whooping & thunderous applause. Probably brought on by some TV show that (thankfully) I am unable to hear through the walls. Or, maybe he wears headphones!  Sometimes there is loud banging as in large wood planks striking against the floors and walls. I wonder what he may be building. But, then again…never mind.

This morning it was a sing-along to some twangy, shit-kicker music that was only slightly audible.  His voice however, carried long, loud, and clear. For a half-hour I tried unsuccessfully to ignore the ruckus, which first entered my consciousness at 1:15 AM, but finally gave it up when the yodeling began. No, I am not kidding. 

Brushed my teeth, made a coffee, nibbled on a fresh cara-cara orange, and promptly sliced open a finger while trying to put file folders in order in the file cabinet. No, I wasn't being clumsy, only careless. 

I wasn't aware the metal had such sharp edges in places.  Now I am. Bled like a stuck pig for a while, but it's all under control now. Of course it would be on the left hand, and it would be the middle finger that is sporting a bandage twice the width of the finger itself. 

Translation: Little will be accomplished this day requiring the use of two hands. 

Also.  Today will be another first:  At 4 AM I will begin the new drug replacement for vile Prednisone. Danazol needs to be taken on a rigid time schedule, every 8 hours, (rather than 3 - times daily) so I've chosen the one most convenient for me.  That will be 4 AM, 12 noon, and 8 PM. Unlike the Prednisone, there are no set requirements for the drug to be taken with a meal, though I always try to ingest something beforehand, JIC.

I'm thinking about the sister - her upcoming open heart surgery is set around the time of her birthday - I've decided to send her birthday wishes early to be sure they get to her without delay. Her birthday is in mid-April, but I thought sending it now would be in everyone's best interest. 

Of course, having sliced a finger (I am a lefty, BTW) I will enclose a type-written note with the Hallmark Greetings with the proper explanation, which will probably cause more than a few chuckles on her part.  I'll drop it in the post sometime today, though there is no mail pick-up here on Sundays.  Still, if it goes out tomorrow it ought to be in her box by wednesday. Plenty of time to spare before her surgery date.

I plan to follow up with a call by week's end, just to touch base and offer whatever cheer I can muster. Yes, I try to be a good brother.

On a more curious note, I received a notice from Apple last evening that there is
a major upgrade for Maverick, and, of course being Apple, the only option was to download the update.  None of this "ask me later" shit.  Do it now, or we'll do it anyway. I began the download last evening and, imagine my surprise, it's STILL not finished yet.  I left the MAC on all night and set the timer for a couple of hours.  Ha!  It is to laugh. That's a good 7 hours and the download/install is only two-thirds done. That must be one hell of an update. Try a whole new OS, why don't ya!

So, there it is.  My life is controlled by kitchen timers and drug protocols, and little else, I'm afraid. If I think I can manage without further harm to my body, I will attempt to prepare bacon and eggs in a little while. 

More later…maybe…if I don't do myself in.  Or, kill the yodeling SOB next door before sunrise. Please, please. It is so tempting.

And so it goes.


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