Friday, March 28, 2014

Come Together...Right now…Over me.

Good day all round. A fat, viable vein was located quickly this morning, so the transfusion time went smoothly.  No problems with any of my vitals.  All good.

Linda called early and asked if the desk assembly could happen ASAP.  Why Yes, of course.  Well, Miss Linda done brang her own power tools (I had my own at ready - Lesbian in training, you know) and took herself some time to study them Chinese instructions for putting together the glass and metal monster. 

Then all Hell broke loose. Razor knife flashing, foam packaging flying, and plastic bags containing various and sundry parts bouncing around between two rooms. Not one, but two! Where ever the light was better. Parts were separated into groups for each section (they were well labeled - glad I checked all those reviews before ordering this desk) and the attack began.

My Job: assist by holding various parts in place as she drilled or screwed; opened parts packages containing the smallest bolt and nut combos either of us had ever seen (God bless China!); I was in charge of the corkscrew and wine, and made sure the Cabernet was at a proper flow rate;  took great care to make sure Linda’s wine glass was never half empty. 

In one and a half hours, the new desk took shape, and was in its new place. I was thrilled.  Linda liked it too. It does keep the area light and airy. Glass and metal.  Yes, a bitch to keep clean, but I’ll take the trade-off of light over dark.

I helped take the beaucoup packing materials to her car (she will take them to the dump, bless her!) then we came upstairs to finish off the Cabernet. A good one neither of us had experienced before, suggested by the wine merchant at the store. 

After a quick hug she took off to run other errands, (this is her day off, by the way) I busied myself with glass cleaner and paper towels (there are 4 large glass surfaces) before placing peripherals on the shelves.  

I began to tire and about ready to hang up the cleaning supplies when I heard footsteps on the stairs and a *clunk* as a package was delivered outside the door.

Brought in the package, opened it, and found these. An order placed weeks ago and delivered at just the right time. Oh yes.  I need this boost. They will be worn to the restaurant this weekend, for sure. They fit well and are extremely comfortable. I initially thought they may be too outrageous, but with black jeans and solid colour shirt, they are just fine.  I love them.

New blood, a new desk, new Inkkas.  Happy surprises. My day is ending on a happy, high note. These don’t happen too often anymore. 

I am more than ready for bed after the day’s  excitement. May tomorrow bring nothing but more of the same.

And so it goes.


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  1. "I initially thought they may be too outrageous" - are you shitting me? they are FABULOUS! PERFECT for the restaurant!

    the desk IS lovely; now all you need is a chair.


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