Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Safe and Dry. And Medical Intervention, of Sorts

With anatomically correct, bikini-clad birthday cake. 
Right on time!  Friend Linda arrived when she promised and the box containing the desk was scooted inside a less than 2 minutes.  (Image at right taken at surprise birthday party in 12/13, the cake was a huge hit, and delicious - click to embiggen)

We talked for a while about the best plan to get the thing assembled when it would be convenient for both of us. Not a problem for me, other than Labs and Transfusions. For her, it’s another story.

She’s off on Thursday and Friday, so I suggested Saturday after the lunch shift at DL.  She countered with a possibility of mid-morning Friday or Saturday evening.  I said I didn’t want to intrude into her precious personal time off, but she dismissed that with a wave and casual expletive.

I mentioned that historically, Fridays are my transfusion days and could mean only a couple of hours (1 unit) or a full day (2 units).  She decided that I should let her know the outcome of Labs on Thursday and we can take it from there. 

The numbness in my fingers and hands has gotten progressively worse over the past few months. The digits happened to be pale green while she was here and she noticed. Pointing to my shriveled, anemic hands... “Good God, Wayne.  What the fuck is that?” My lay attempt to explain was cut off by, “What do you take for it?” Well, pretty much nothing.  Just warm them by stuffing them into any warm nook and cranny on the body surface I can find.

Her eyes suddenly lit up and a smile passed her lips as her gaze settled on the bottle of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey she gave me for Christmas over a year ago. (It was sitting on a shelf keeping the lonely Bombay Sapphire company.)  “Well,” she said, “ try just a wee half-shot of that and I promise you’ll get relief.” With that she made for the door - she was going to open the restaurant last evening - gave me a hug and, as she walked down the stairs called over her shoulder, “I’m not joking about the Jameson’s. For God’s sake, just try it once. What’s to lose? You’ll never know otherwise.” 

What DO I have to lose?  Nothing but the numbness and pain. So, I grabbed the shot glass, and fumbling with numb fingers filled it half way up, and knocked it back.  It was warm, felt really good going down and in a few minutes the numbness had turned to tingling and then feeling as circulation returned to both hands. 

I am not sure the staff at the Cancer Center would approve, but if the symptoms are present in the morning, as they usually are when I have to get into a cold car at 7 AM and drive to the labs, another half-shot is definitely on my gay agenda.  Approval be damned! I wonder if they would even notice.  

Anyway, I tried to order a chair for the new desk, but the 2 models I chose were not in stock on line. If I am well enough following the Labs tomorrow I will make a stop to check stock at the store. If so, I may just make the purchase, so Linda can put it all together at the same time.  Bless her heart.

Though we got more snow than forecast, the sun is out and it’s melting quickly.  It may all be gone by tomorrow, but the temperatures are likely to remain in the 20s throughout the day. Oh, well.  Trade off. Trade off.

And so it goes.



  1. Have you looked on Amazon for the model/style of chair you want?

    1. Roger: since that's where I purchased the desk, I have Amazon the first serious look-see. A few interesting pieces, but I prefer fabric for sitting long periods of time (not leather, or fake leather) and the options I liked were too cheap, or too expensive for my wallet. Also, space is a major factor. Nothing too big.
      Thanks for the visit and continued prayers.


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