Friday, March 21, 2014

Friends, Fish & Chips, & Flowering Plants.

Counting down the days when I'll be Prednisone-free and I appear to be suffering adverse withdrawal effects. Today it was a full-blown anxiety attack at 1:30 am.   Didn't know  what hit me until I was smack in the middle of the damned thing.  I mean, I've never had one before and had to Google the symptoms, believe it or not. They ain't something pretty, trust me. But,  I got through it - even if I couldn't go back to sleep. 

My sleep hours are fucked up these days, anyway, and I am just taking it in stride until I am totally clean of the damned stuff. Seriously, I've asked that Prednisone be flagged in my pharmacy profile as a drug that causes "adverse side effects" and that's putting it mildly. They've also flagged it in my computer profile at the hospital and cancer center.  I never want that stuff to pass my lips again.  Not ever!

A happy surprise: Friend, Jeffrey, sent a text this morning asking if I felt up to having lunch somewhere today. I got the text as I was about half way through the morning transfusion, and as I was receiving only one unit today, I sent back a big "YES!" We swapped food and restaurant preferences before choosing a little British Fish & Chips shop here in town. Neither had been there in about a year - probably longer for me. Everything is fresh and served in copious amounts by the owner, herself.  

It's called "Go Fish" and their menu includes lots of other British pub food like Bangers & Mash, Bubble & Squeak, and side dishes like mushy peas, beer battered sausages, cheddar mashed potatoes, and pickled onions.  They also make authentic British Chips (fries) that are all by themselves worth the trip.

It is a tiny place, seats only about 40 - Max, and the place is always busy, but that's because the food is always good. Alison, the owner, works the floor with only one helper and still the pace is smooth, relaxed and never rushed.  The clientele is a laid-back mixed crowd, and mostly adults. If you're not in a rush, they won't rush you.  And that's not to be said for many other dining spots at lunch time, especially the bigger chains outside of town. 

Jeffrey and I met at about 12:30 and Alison seated us immediately, asked if we had a time constraint, and when we said, NO, she brought us a Guinness then left us alone to chat and make our selections. 

We talked about Dos Locos, Jeffrey's attempts to purchase a new home, and his upcoming holiday to Bulgaria next month. I was glad he had lots to talk about, because I certainly didn't.   My life consisting of hospital, Cancer Center, Pharmacy, and grocery store wouldn't be riveting; would barely fill up a ten-minute conversation, even if he asked questions.  Which he did, bless his heart. 

We enjoyed our leisurely meal - I had classic fish & chips while Jeffrey had the special Tilapia Sandwich of the day. The restaurant is only a few steps from the boardwalk and ocean.  The sun was bright, it was warm, we were full, and thought of taking a brief walk by the sea. The wind was strong, however, so Jeffrey decided against that option. Must admit, I was relieved, too.

We finished our conversation sitting in the sunlight on a beach bench, shared a hug and went on our way. It was a great afternoon to be out and in good company, after a great meal and we promised not to wait so long before we do it again.  At least once more before the Summer Season begins. 

When I got back to the apartment there was a wrapped gift of a live potted plant waiting for me in the middle of my stairs. It's a lovely Orchid (something I've never been able to grow successfully) from my neighbors down the street who live in western PA, but have their summer place here.  Very thoughtful of them, to be sure. I will try my best not to kill the thing. But, no promises.  No matter how I follow care instructions, they always seem to wither and keel over in a month or two. Still, a thoughtful gift and a cheerful addition to my dull, monochromatic life.

I got online to find an important message from the Locosguys, asking that I try to stop in over the weekend to give a few pointers to my replacement as the restaurant gears up for spring break and the onslaught of the pre-season homeowners who begin coming down in April to get their beach places ready for the summer.  Like my generous neighbors down the street. 

The restaurant starts getting slammed even on weekdays from mid-March with all bets off by Easter Week, and they want the new guy to be comfortable with the increased traffic and not freak out.  I told them I'd make every effort to show my face for a few hours to help out. With the new infused blood flowing in my veins, I should be able to make this happen.  At least I hope I can. 

Probably due to the 1:30 AM anxiety attack (from which I never fully recovered), coupled with the rich, delicious lunch, I am ready for a nap.  Yes.  Me!  Never thought I'd see the day when I would want crawl under the covers for a mid-afternoon snooze, but there it is.

Whatever.  There will be only a very light supper tonight, if anything, so it's cool. Besides, I need some real rest, not more time in bed, if you get my drift. That can be far from restful.

I am disappointed to have missed last weekend's Bloggerpalooza, but it couldn't have been otherwise. I was a physical and emotional train wreck for days before and after the affair. I did share a chat with a couple of those in attendance, but there was simply no way I was up to actually moving my body out of this place to visit with them for even a few minutes. Driving or even walking were out of the question and this place isn't ready for prime time visitations. 

 I have seen a few pictures posted at the sites of various bloggers who were able to attend, and it looked like a good time. I wanted to see Anne Marie's knit handy work, get a hug from Dr. Spo, and meet Slugmama.  Of course, seeing everyone from last year would have been icing on the cake. Sadly though, not in the cards for me this year. Maybe next year, if there is one, and if I am still fogging the mirror, so to say. 

On a somewhat different note: I don't understand Ron's (Retired in Delaware) need to pretend to be an expert on all things related to Rehoboth Beach in general, the dining experience in particular.  He clearly is not.  Still, he has his bully pulpit and there are those who will believe what he has to say, not knowing better, and that is sad. I also wonder at his constant negativity, a real desire to put the town down (with long, repetitive tirades of untruths that pepper his posts from time to time), especially since he partakes of so little of what it has to offer.  

But unfortunately, for whatever reason, that's just Ron's way. Being a gossip means one can play fast and loose with the truth and reality. That being said, major props to Ron for all his work and organizational skills at pulling these events together.

Ending on the up-beat; I received a phone call just now from the merchandising manager at the local Rite Aid pharmacy (where my new prescription plan is honored) telling me that they will be stocking a Quinine tablet called "Leg Cramps with Quinine" which is an OTC product to alleviate cramping in legs, arms, hands, etc., in many cases due to side effects of various medications.  Earlier this week I asked that they carry it, because it has only been available at online retailers anymore. (Thanks to blogger & FB buddy, Diane for pointing me in the right direction) When the large corporate retailers replaced our old mom & pop operations they discontinued shelf space for many homeopathic options.  Probably not profitable enough. I was told the item should be in stock when the next sale flyer begins - which is next Sunday.  Now that makes me feel good.

Nap time!!!

And so it goes.



  1. Glad you enjoyed your fish and chips! Of course, Wilmington, NC where I live also depends on the tourists being at the beach. However, there is a local seafood restaurant (mom and pop place) named "Something Fishy" that the long time year-round residents keep busy. They specialize in fried or broiled founder, trout, shrimp, oysters, scallops, and deviled crab. You can get them in any combination from one of the above to four of the above. They come with delicious hushpuppies; vegetable choices are fried okra, corn on the cob, boiled potatoes, and slaw. And I love seafood -- like Pavlov's dog, I am drooling just thinking about it.

    About your orchid, especially if it is a phalenopsis (butterfly) orchid, the best way to water it so it won't rot is to place 3 ice cubes under the leaves and over the roots once a week. Orchids seem to do better when neglected than when over cared for.

    1. So sorry you had an anxiety attack. I know a thing-or-two about those. I'm glad you had a decent day with some unexpected blessings.

      Sean R.

    2. David: Your restaurant sounds like something right up my alley. Being a NOLA boy, it's rough to see what some restaurants do to good seafood.

      You're so thoughtful. Thanks for the care info for the Orchid. I'll give it my best shot. At least, they don't need direct sunlight, which is something in short supply here. Cheers!

  2. My Orchid actually thrives in the bathroom with all the steam and humidity.

  3. So sorry you couldn't make an appearance at the Bloggerpalooza II last weekend for some "olive time", but totally understandable.
    A few of us entertained thoughts of dropping by but Michael said you just weren't up to company at all.
    I would have liked to have finally met you as well.
    There is always next year, n'est pas? Sluggy

  4. your pretty face was missed. the purple parrot was a fine lunch spot, and had HAWT servers running about.

  5. I send you virtual hugs on a frequent basis. Today I am having a martini in your olive ops honor.

  6. Your take on Ron’s negativity toward anything with which he disagrees was on the money something I’ve noticed before. You scratched his thin skin. His inconsistencies are apparent to anyone other than the casual reader. I’ve stopped visiting because he has nothing new to say. His opinions change with his moods. No doubt he can be superficially charming when necessary, but no real friend should you disagree with his views.

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