Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Up Your Ash Wednesday!

As with most everything else that is hyped ad nauseum, the latest snow "event" forecast to dump "up to 10 inches"  on us - dropped a sniveling 2+ by the time it ended at sunset on Monday. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. Like everyone around me I am ready for this winter to be over.

Today's plan is to conjure up enough energy to dig the car out where the snowplow evidently blocked it in while clearing the street. I can't do what I used to (get the car cleaned & cleared within minutes), it will take several attempts to get the poor thing free of her prison, but it shall be done.  

There is no one to call for help, anyway. I need to drive to the pharmacy for a badly needed refill (one I forgot last week, damn!) and there are appointments at the Center on Thursday morning. The sun is shining today, which would be a help itself, but more cold and rain are forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  Can't take the chance of being stuck.

Checking email this morning, I discovered two "gifts" waiting for me. One is a $5.00 credit from Amex when I spend $5.00 or more on iTunes.  Trouble is, I have never shopped at iTunes and have no idea how it works.  Maybe I ought to check it out, huh?  

The second is a notice from Discover that I am signed up for 5 to 10% cash back on purchases at various retailers for any number of goodies.  Restaurants, included. Trouble is, I need nothing and at present dining-out isn't, how you say, appetizing at all. But, we'll see. Stranger things have happened - even in the past week.

Also in email was a link to a health-related study update that almost made me spew coffee through my nose.  I remember the original warnings about foods that were total killers - this is going back around 10 years ago - that we were to avoid at all costs, or….

You know, the seven deadly sins foods; eggs, whole milk, popcorn, coconut oil, coffee, salt, and cheese.

Well, today's update shoots down the original study and now says (what we all knew anyway) that all these foods are fine for us - - in moderation - - yes, as with everything else. In fact, some are vital to our body's health and our mental well-being. 

Not that I ever gave up any of the killer foods in all those years. Way-back-when I did the "low fat" thing until I learned that some fats were actually beneficial - and besides, I would never give up avocados, even if I keeled over dead while eating one.

That said, you can imagine my surprise as I sit here this afternoon with a snack plate of Brie, Kalamata olives, Smoked Pork Sausage, and Cracked Pepper Water Crackers when a news story popped up with the headline "Meat & Cheese Linked to Early Death" and I just rolled my eyes. 

My first thought was "here we go again" now there go cheese burgers, cheese steak sandwiches, fabulous grilled cheese delights, and probably the worst of all (if you believe such nonsense) the very plate sitting on the small table next to me. 

With the limited appetite available to me these days, I eat whatever I have, or satisfies my immediate cravings and hunger. I wonder how long it will take for this new study to be debunked, too. They may be selling, but I ain't buying.

I'm just going to enjoy my snack and giggle a bit at all the, uh, "hype"!

The car is free from captivity, and I am thawing nicely. 

And so it goes.



  1. eat what you feel, and damn the naysayers!

  2. Your snack plate sounds wonderful and very like what I would crave. Those items probably contain a good amount of salt, which we must have to live, but is considered very bad for us, especially high BP. At our ages, well down our trail to death, I say "Eat, and let eat!" My mother spent her final years (dying at 86) in an assisted care facility. Her table partner in the dining room, was a beautiful retired school teacher who was 93. The 93 year old was complaining bitterly, because here doctor had just put her on a salt-free diet! "Food is not worth eating any more," she said. I always wondered if her fasting was going to do her in, before the salt! Let the poor lady alone, and so what, if she dies at 93 in an assisted care facility.


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