Sunday, March 30, 2014


1. What is your favorite color?
Royal Purple. Not violet.

2. What color are your eyes?
Dark Brown

3. What color is your hair?

4. What color is your bedroom?
Cream, off-white

5. Which color do you look best in?
Don’t know.  I’ve been told it’s Blue

6. Is there a color you never wear?
No.  My mood chooses the colour for the day or occasion.

7. How did you pick the color of your car?
I didn’t. It was purchased used.  Dark Blue.

8. Are your eyes ever green with envy?
Many years ago when I was young and stupid.

9. Do you have a signature color?
Purple (see #1)

10. How much do you love Cyndi Lauper!
Lots.  She is under rated.  She gets better with age and experience. That voice is simply outrageous.  She’s a true gift.

Gray hair is sexy here_______, there_________ but never ________.
here: when clean, 
There: well groomed, 
But never: dirty. 

And so it goes.

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  1. I vote for more colour whenever it is possible.


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