Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blast From The Past - Long Thought Lost

As I get ready for the assembly of the new desk I have gone rummaging through a plastic tube filled with smaller boxes and bags containing old office stuff, newspaper clippings, and letters to editors; not to mention odds and ends like these from my previous life, a few memorables from my activist and volunteer days. 

These are a few items discovered in an old #10 envelope box. Thought I’d scan and post them before they hit the trash with so many other memories this week. 

Memories of good people and events, and some very sad times. When I find this stuff I have to pinch myself and ask “Was that really me? Was I really there? When did I stop doing so much, and why?”

Boggles the mind to this day.

And so it goes.



  1. I remember visiting the quilt in DC; so many promises unfulfilled...

  2. before purging your life of the past articles and letters to the editors, why don't you post some, if you can, dated and referenced on points of historical interest. I have seen a lot of articles on Google with your byline, so I an only imagine what isn't there. It's a request from a sometimes-reader.



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