Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shipping, Shopping & New Snow

No, wait.  That’s not right.  Look at the calendar! It’s almost April.  Wait.  Is this an early April Fools joke?

I had to “make groceries” as they say in New Orleans, this morning and depending on who you talked to, we could get one inch, or 6 before the impending storm ends this evening. All I know is the grocery shelves were being ravaged and it was only 7:30 this morning. Such panic seemed ridiculous. 

And then there’s the matter of the new desk which was delivered sometime last evening (I must have been asleep because I heard nothing, and it’s a large, heavy box, to be sure) and needs to be brought in from the elements before rain/snow gets too heavy and does damage to the packaging. 

At least the box was brought up the stairs to the porch, so there is some limited protection, but I’ve sent a text to Linda telling her of the arrival and asking that she stop by when she has a break to bring the box indoors.  The desk can always be assembled some other time, but I don’t want to risk unnecessary damage from the weather. 

Of course, there remains the issue of a new desk chair, the shopping for which had to be aborted last weekend due to circumstances beyond my control. Retail options are limited.  Around here, everything pretty much boils down to Staples or Wal*Mart - and I do not shop at Wal*Mart.

I’ve bookmarked, and printed, a couple of options at the Staples website, but there’s no way to tell if they must be ordered and delivered through the site, delivered to the store for pickup, or purchased and picked up at the store.  It’s all very vague.  And don’t even attempt to “chat” with a tech associate unless you really lonely, or need a good laugh.

Yes, a retailer touting their tech savvy, hosts a shitty, convoluted, un-friendly website…and they wonder why they’re losing money and customers. 

I would order from the site and have the purchase delivered, but there’s a good chance they’d just drop it off at the bottom of the stairs, which would not do for me at all. 

The snow has just begun to fall - it’s coming down rather hard - and I just received a text from Linda that she will be here within the hour. All will be well very soon.

And so it goes.



  1. YAYZ for new desk! it's been snurrying (snow + flurries) all day up here, but it's too warm to stick.

  2. Your mid-atlantic panic always give me the giggles. You'd be basket cases if you lived with our weather this year. Lots of improv was shared by all. Keep spring in your heart. Hope to see you in the summer and that you are much better.

    Marilyn & Sarah


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