Sunday, March 16, 2014

Will It End?

It's been a Hellish night. Startled awake with cramping so bad in hands and legs that at one point both feet curled inward, as in pigeon-toed, and knees contracted involuntarily up to the chest.  All with excruciating muscle pain. Came out of nowhere. Having no idea what else to do, I sat up and forced my legs back down to a sitting position until I was able to put weight on them, stand (though tentatively) and move about the room. 

Fingers on left hand contracted into convulsive knot; there was no way to grasp or hold on to anything. I was able to let warm water from the bathroom tap run over it, which soothed the cramps and eventually relaxed the tightened muscles.

After a while, when the pain eased off and hands were working again, I took a couple of Flexeril and sat up in bed to calm down and ease the tension.  Took the better part of an hour for the drug to kick in, but things appear to be better now.

At this point I don't ever want to hear that "God only gives us what we can handle" bullshit. That God sounds too much like Dick Cheney, and I don't believe in him, either. 

Sore and achy yesterday, the ability to breath easier coupled with decreased vertigo offered a respite gladly accepted and cherished every hour of the day. I needed the break.  I was hoping that would continue today, but my being is now wracked by these other (out of the blue) side effects I ain't so sure that will happen. 

Awake since the seizures began at about 1:30am, I am afraid to return to bed; afraid to lie flat out for fear that may trigger another episode - which I don't believe I could handle right now. 

Sitting a few, standing a few, and walking a bit is pretty much all I can accomplish, so I've busied myself with sorting out laundry and catching up on a few blogs I've neglected over the past few days. Anything to keep my mind otherwise occupied.

As soon as I feel up to the challenge, a nice hot shower and face scraping are next up on the gay agenda. Patience is key, here. I suppose.

Note:  I just received a "storm warning" from National Weather Service. They're issuing a winter storm warning for the area, forecasting 6 to 9 inches of snow/sleet beginning tonight.  WTF!  I had no idea.  Where did that come from? 

More later.



  1. It might seem stupid but I have a suggestion:

    I suffer painful muscle cramps regularly. I keep tonic water in the house and drink some daily and whenever I get a cramp attack. The quinine in the tonic is a muscle relaxer. If you get a chance to get some, it may help. Wish I could offer more than that to help...

    1. Sassy: Quinine is not a stupid suggestion at all. Until recently, you could buy tablets OTC at any drug store. Don't know what happened, but no longer available - anywhere.
      Yes, I have 3 12-paks of tonic on hand and it does help. Of course, one has to be able to hold, open, pour, and drink before it can have the desired effect. ;-)

      Thanks for the suggestion. I thought I was the only one alive who remembered this cure.

  2. I wish I lived closer so I could help you or at least comfort you.
    The best I can do is pray for you.

    Sean R.

    1. Thank you Sean. I think I would be very embarrassed to be around anyone is this condition. I feel like I'm being a lousy patient.

      And thanks for your prayers.

  3. :-( Only wish I could say something constructive. Horrible, truly horrible - but you already know that and are living it.

  4. Muscle cramps are often associated with low potassium. Potassium is often prescribed, especially when taking diuretics like Lasix which deplete the potassium in your body. Ask your MD if you need to have a potassium Rx. In the meantime, eat some bananas and other potassium rich foods:

    1. Thanks David. I already take a potassium supplement and consume other potassium-rice foods daily. I am only give the dreaded Lasix when receiving 2 units of blood product, and that doesn't happen every week, thank goodness. I hate the stuff. Again, thanks for the visit and for the valuable advice and suggestions.

  5. we missed your pretty face, dear. :(

    we are back home in PA due to the storm all y'all will be receiving tonight. we heard about this storm starting last thursday and planned accordingly. we expect nothing round these parts.

    I wish there was something else I could do for you other than offer comments on this here blog. :(

  6. It makes me sad to hear you in pain.


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