Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Comment Moderation?

Following Saturday's post there were 9 comments in my inbox waiting for moderation.  Three were published - six were not - and never will be published.

I will type this very slowly so that maybe you'll understand. So, read carefully...

This is my little corner of the blogosphere and I will post anything I want to share. I am dubious of "anonymous" comments anyway, (a few friends post anonymously but leave their initials and I know who they are) but when truly anonymous comments are insulting, or unkind, or just downright mean I delete them, so stop wasting your time.

If you're here only to read about the happy times and funny tales of my bizarre life experiences in this great beach town, then read those posts and go away. No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to visit, read, or comment. No matter how shocking that may be to your ego.

Frankly, I don't care if you're uncomfortable with discussions of illness, medical treatment (or the lack thereof), or life-threatening disease.  And if you find images of transfusion repulsive, all I can say is I hope you never have to experience the real thing. I don't give a fig if you like what I write. 

Unfortunately, I have to live it and I share my misadventures here so that someone who may be going through a similar health-related situation can know that they're not alone. That this can (and does) happen to others. It's that simple, really.

To tell the truth, if I posted every medical mishap of the past 7 months, chances are you'd crap your pants and go screaming into the hills. Well see, that's your problem and maybe you need to seek help.

So if you don't want to read about me, (after all this place IS about me) go away. I am not interested in your judgments, useless opinions, or your queazy stomach. In fact, I'm not interested in "anonymous" at all.

Be a troll and coward if you must, but don't expect a soapbox for your squeamish, whiny arrogance here.  Run along now, it's past your bedtime and the grown-ups want some quality time together.

Enuf' said.



  1. fuck the jerks! write what you feel. and those of us that care about you will keep on reading.


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