Monday, March 24, 2014

It Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere.

My Sunday turned disastrous when least expected. I began to crash and burn while on the hunt for an office chair. 

To be concise I had been meticulous about my new med schedule - at 4 AM, then again at 12 noon - and all seemed to be well on that score, until I suddenly found  myself short of breath, nauseous and suffering chills, big time.  What was going on?  Dunno, really, but it wasn't good.  

Having been followed around the store by salespeople since my arrival, I found myself alone all of a sudden, lightheaded, and a little on the green side.  I commandeered one of the chairs I’d been checking out for purchase, and sat down trying to regain my composure. Someone brought me a glass of cold water, but it didn’t help. Nothing did.

Not wanting to create a scene by calling 911, waiting until I thought I could manage it, I made my way quietly out the door, to the car, and drove to the ER. By the time I arrived I was experiencing cold sweats and the chills had become worse. 

They got me comfortable, started a saline IV, followed by an injection of Benadryl. It was some kind of reaction to one of the drugs - but which one?  All roads pointed to the new kid on the block, the Danazol, but no one wanted to make that determination.  

A call was placed to my doctor and I don’t know what happened as a result of that. There was no followup. I suppose I’ll find out today at some point.

Meanwhile, they kept me warm and comfortable. I dozed off here and there and by evening I was stronger, more steady - all other symptoms had vanished. 

The question became whether to send me home, or keep me over night. It was getting dark and they were leaning toward keeping me, since there was no one to pick me up and take me home.  I just wanted to be in my own space, in my own bed - regardless of what happened. 

I won. So there!  

It was quite a funny sight to be pushed all the way to my car in a wheelchair, then to get up, into the car, and drive away.  Priorities and the good old CYA at work. 

Hit the sheets right away, covered up to my neck and drifted into an uneasy sleep. The chills returned, but only briefly.  No dreams, just dark and silence. Woke twice to pee, have a drink of water, and then went right back under again. 

Having no food intake since lunch yesterday, I’m weak, the stomach uneasy. A hot tea with honey and a bowl of cereal helped in that department. I am going back to bed again…waiting to hear from the doctor, or at least his office.  It will be a few more hours before that happens.  Meanwhile…

I am so disappointed.  Just when things were going along so well for me, here.  A downward spiral is not far away and can bite my ass at any time. I’ll remember that from now on. 

This is all working on my last gay nerves.

And so it goes.



  1. I have endless sympathy for you, my brave friend. I wish I had more to offer :-(

  2. My dear AM, nothing compared with the inability to breathe. Hugs right back at you.

  3. I so wish there was someone near who could drop in once in a while, or call to make sure you were doing OK. What about your friend, fellow blogger Ron?
    Will P.


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