Sunday, March 23, 2014

That Tedious Apple Update

All of you long time MAC users out there would know this far better than I. As described in the earlier post, a message box appeared in the upper right of my screen last evening informing me that a massive update of Maverick OS X needed to be downloaded and installed.  No option to wait til some other time, or simply a “not now” was unacceptable.  

The download began. Period! The files were huge. It took over 11 hours just to download all file to the hard drive.  Although I didn’t need to, I had full use of the computer during those long hours as the system ticked off the gigs being streamed into my computer. 

However, when that finally ended and the installation process began, I lost all control of the computer as it was elsewhere occupied with the task at hand.  That, I assume, of rebuilding the entire OS from scratch. At least that's my take on the situation. There was no place or time for my puny endeavors at the keyboard. Blank screen and unresponsive keyboard were the order of the rest of the morning

This detailed install took another 2 hours keeping me abreast of what was going on without relinquishing control of the device or keyboard.  

Beyond the additional 2 hours of dead time, the system then began to sort out files and perform a number of reboot sequences, the likes of which I have not seen since my old Microsoft Windows days, and which I thought were over when I switched to the MAC.  Clearly, something happened and Apple needed to address the issue without user interference.  Which it certainly did, like it or not.

Just a quick few minutes with the update following the final reboot, and I notice that many things (including personal preferences) have been altered, lost, or put heaven-knows-where.  

The update boasts a whole new Safari experience, which I haven’t ventured into, since my last experience with the browser ended in bitter shutdown - by me! I’ve used Chrome with great results since then and not sure I want to risk a return engagement with Safari at this time. 

Well, on the up side, this massive update was free. Had it been MS Windows we’d likely have had to cough up big bucks to get everything fixed, up and running again.  Well, whatever.  I just want to find out where in Hell my personal files are now.  Jeez!!!

Hey!  This just appeared in the upper right of the screen.  I guess I ought to check it out, huh?

But not now.  Right now I am off to check out office chairs to go with the new desk. Not much online, so I’ll see what Staples has on sale, if anything. Then on the way home, I’ll swing by Dos Locos and see what they need me to help with  this week.

And so it goes.


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