Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Brief Respite

It’s like an early spring day here.  Morning temp is 63’F and I am loving it. Took a walk on the boardwalk surrounded by folks in shorts, wearing sweatshirts.  It may look funny to some, but that’s normal beach wear when the weather changes quickly like this.  The saying goes:“Living at the beach, if you don’t like the weather, wait a half hour.” So true, so true.

After that, I schlepped myself to the Center for the last of the three Neupogen injections, then went hunting for a new can opener. The grocery stores have those $2.00 cheap things, catering to the tourist trade - who will only use it a few times while visiting.  After that, it would probably fall apart, anyway. 

Stopped at Marshalls, K-Mart, Kitchen Collection, and Kitchen & Company. They have got to be kidding!  $30.00 for a manual can opener.  I’d rather use my teeth.  For the number of cans I open, even dentistry is cheaper than that. Maybe I’ll check out the thrift stores next week once the dust of the holiday settles around here.

Headed for home via the back roads to make a stealth visit to my farmer with the Silver Queen.  His truck was there, but he wasn’t - yet.  Yes!  I. Wanted. Fresh. Silver. Queen. And I was going to get it! So, I parked near the truck, opened the Nexus, and read for about 20 minutes before hearing the unmistakeable rumbling of heavy farm equipment.  
When I looked up there was a big front-loader coming at me, the bucket of which was piled high with corn; the farmer and son had big smiles on their faces. They unloaded the corn into the back of the truck and were in business. As I made my selection 2 other cars arrived - with their own sacks, even! I could see that in reality, my well-kept secret isn’t so well-kept, after all.

He also had bread & butter corn he kept separated, larger ears and very sweet, but I had eyes only for the baby white stuff. I snagged a half-dozen ears (dew still on the husks!) and happily hit the road for home.  The stuff is so sweet you can eat it raw...which I was sorely tempted to do, but can't chance it, being Neutropenic. (sigh!)  There are things I am willing to die for, but an ear of corn isn't one of them.

Eureka!  I found a great new can opener. Amazon, as usual. Ten bucks and free shipping. It will be here Monday. Problem solved. My cans are happy, too.

Though all may not be right with the world, at least in my little corner, things aren’t so bad today.

And so it goes.



  1. Wayne, I was in Big Lots last week(don't know if there is one down there)and they had Farberware manual openers for $5. If I didn't already have a Swing away one, I would have bought the PURPLE one.

    Now I want fresh corn....dang it!!

  2. Glad you found a can opener. Amazon is awesome, it seems like they have everything.I had silver queen corn yesterday, fresh corn is one of the best things about summer (in my opinion).



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