Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dino Killer? We Are Doomed!

Christ on a cracker.  Literally thousands of dumb-asses on the Interwebs think this prop shot is REAL.  That in 2014, Steven Spielberg really and truly shot and killed a dinosaur that's been extinct for 66 Million Years!

It's deep in the land of stoopid for us all. One comment is embedded with the photo.  As usual, Click to embiggen.

More later.


  1. If the comment isn't a joke designed to flush out the crazies who'd agree with it then I totally give up on life, hope, the Universe and, most of all, PEOPLE! It was a jolly good try though. I very nearly fell for it.

  2. Ray, of course the "initial" story was a hoax, but the Internet responses are anything but. People *believe* Spielberg shot a real dinosaur. Go here:

  3. 'muricans sure are stoopid. thank the dogs and cats there is still some intelligent life in this country (like my boyfriends)!

  4. You really do have to laugh at this. It's kind of sad to think people really believe this story, yet you just gotta laugh.



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