Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zen and the Art of Picking Silver Queen

(Not being a silver quean.  It’s a type of white corn.)

The quiet drive to Lewes Beach this hot, (84’F at 6 a.m.) muggy morning at sunrise got my day off right.  Taking pictures of the deserted beach, bay, and surrounding areas. It was refreshing to be the only person within a half mile of the place. Although there were parked cars in the lot, their occupants were nowhere to be seen.

As I sat on a bench facing the sunrise on the bay, I thought about cooking and what dishes I’d like to make for upcoming lunches and suppers.  That brought my thoughts to the Utility/Knife drawer. Don’t ask.

Cleaning out the utility/knife drawer took up most of the rest of the morning. I figured if the utensil or knife hadn’t been used in a year or more, it was time to chuck it.  I have removed the cleavers (Chinese & French), poultry shears, 3 very large chef’s knives (I’ll never use a 12” blade again, that ship has sailed) and pared down the number of paring knives accumulated over the years. 

I discovered I could use 5 or 6 inch Chef and Utility blades - more workable in my tiny kitchen space - and a sharpening stone (lost my grandfather’s stone in the settlement). Two of my best are not terribly sharp though they hold an edge well. So, all these items are in a box to go out - somewhere -  and I’ll be keeping an eye open for new replacements.  Good ones. I’ve had good luck at local Thrift Stores and a few are closing soon, so I’ll check out their stock.

Meanwhile…Transferring, editing images off the stick to the hard drive became next on the to-do list.  It’s way too hot and humid to even attempt anything outdoors, so this was just the right chore at the right time. This also means more old images to post for unsuspecting visitors on Throwback Thursdays.  Heh-heh, yeah, right.

At peace: Finally, having to drive in summer traffic I’m learning patience with
the crazies on the roads.  I mean, there are things that have to be done and not on my preferred time-of-day.  Not coping really, just dealing with it all. Adjusting and finding ways around potential bottlenecks and problem areas.  Not so hard to do, if I just keep cool and take my time.

I clocked the actual time waiting to get into traffic at a stop sign on the Coastal Highway - a spot where everyone gets anxious and complains about it. The reality was a little over 1 minute before there was a break in traffic due to a red light up the road. It just SEEMS like forever, and man, does it ever. Still, I’m learning and seem to be doing well, considering. 

I’ve sought alternative routes, too. They’re not most convenient, but beat sitting in bumper to bumper exhaust fumes by a long shot. Truth is, because of one such detour, I found a local farm truck on the side of the road selling fresh picked corn-on-the-cob today. It’s Silver Queen, still coated with the morning dew, and I will enjoy it with supper tonight.  See, there’s an upside if we just back off and let the chaos flow around us as we stay focussed on our own goal.  Jeez!  I sound positively New Age, don’t I?

Thing is, I have to be out in the chaos anyway; there’s no way out of that, so I’ll make the best of it rather than fight it and get all stressed out.  Stress is not our friend. 

Wok Stir-Fry supper.  Pork and peppers, onions, snow peas, and garlic.  With sticky rice and Silver Queen corn, of course.

And so it goes.



  1. we are ALL silver queens; some are just more corny than others!

    84F at 6a? THAT'S HOT (go away paris hilton)!

    1. Our high for the day turned out to be 99'F.

  2. Fresh silver queen white corn -- nothing much better in this world!

    1. David, glad to hear from you. Hope everything is OK at your end.

  3. Nice selfie, you look happy.


    1. It was one of those rare "good mornings" and I ate it up. Thanks.

  4. I live 12 miles west of RB and must commute to work every day. Even in Summer. And until this year I faced each day drive with dread. My attitude adjustment is like yours. Tentative but holding for now. Keep it up it beats having a heart attack.


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