Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday at the Beach With Tourists

The fool-proof way I know Sunday from the other days anymore, is by the ringing bells of All Saints Episcopal Church a few blocks away. Other than that, the days just run one into another with little  discernible difference. The only distinguishing markings are scribblings on the calendar to let me know when I have to be where, and at what time. 

Although rain was threatening, I went down to the boardwalk at dawn and had a nice walk. Met some lovely people from Chicago on their first visit and we sat on a bench for a while with iced coffees in hand while I gave them a few tips for things to see and do that are either totally free, or request small donations. 

Of course, they wanted dining suggestions, as well, and you know me, I was all too happy to oblige with a few of my favorites. They wanted to leave their cars parked as much as possible and enjoy what the town has to offer. Fortunately, everything is within walking distance of the beach and their B & B. 

I had suggestions for Lewes, too.  Especially a visit to the Zwaanendael Museum in the center of town. A Little bit of Dutch in Delaware. The Dutch  settled the place, you know.  The building is modeled after the town hall in Hoorn, the Netherlands and a visit is always a treat.

Suggested having lunch at one of the restaurants on the Lewes-Rehoboth canal
which leads directly to Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Could be a relaxing day trip.

They had plenty of questions regarding the history of Rehoboth Beach and Lewes.  They chose Delaware for this year’s holiday because of a couple of articles they’d read and a few visits to various RB websites.

Turns out they’re staying in the B & B owned by two guys I know and were relieved to get a good review. Seems their previous B & B experience wasn’t such a good one - on Old Cape Cod. They couldn’t believe the kindness, friendliness and generosity of us local folks.  

Our willingness to engage in conversation with strangers, pride in the town and local businesses really took them by surprise. That’s usually the case when folks come to visit from far away big cities; there's always that fear of being ripped off, taken advantage of, or dismissed as only a bottomless money-pit.  In spite of what you may have read elsewhere, it ain’t like that here.

Anyway. I had to keep my appointment for the shot, so I left them with a short list of eateries, and local businesses for shopping - in town.  Not the outlet stores. They can get far better merchandise and better bargains right here in town.

Yes, I also told them to enjoy at least one dining out event at Dos Locos.  They like Mexican food and were grateful for the suggestion. These people are really nice and I am sure the Locosguys will love them, too.

Coming home from the Center all southbound traffic came to a screeching stop. A 4-car pile up - involving all three lanes - had the state police quite busy for a while.  We had to wait for the helicopter med-evac to leave, and the roadway was cleared of the auto parts and other debris.  An hour and forty five minutes later, we were on our way. That was my cue. Parked and home until I have to get the next shot tomorrow at 8 a.m.

Forty-three days til Labor Day - which is early this year - and it’s all over. (Yes, I am counting. Just shoot me!) Some schools and colleges start in about a month, so things should lighten up around here at that time. May it be so.

And so it goes.


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