Monday, July 14, 2014

Chemo is the Culprit

The scary episode from yesterday has been attributed to the Chemo drugs - caused by Mucositis - and the diagnosis rolled off the doctor’s tongue as if I should already know all about it.  You know, on the one hand they tell you not to check out treatments and drugs on the web, but on the other, they expect you to be informed about some of the most obscure details of drug side effects. Go fig!

Sure, I’ve been asked the 20 usual questions before infusion about all aspects of bodily functions, but never connected the “Do you have acid reflux problems” to what happened to me yesterday. Who knew that Chemo caused these problems?  I’ve always associated Acid Reflux to poor diet or diets of rich and spicy foods - not necessarily good for you.

I got a flash, crash, and burn course in the true meaning of the question in a Chemo-centered clinical setting, and the news ain’t good. I won’t go into it here, you can read all you like at the link above. I’m just grateful to know what happened to me is not rare and is treatable.  Though I wish they had asked the right questions at the outset of my treatment.

Live and learn.  Or, you don’t live very long.

Tomorrow is the last Chemo treatment in this monthly cycle and I’ll be a happy puppy when it’s over.  Three weeks for the body to recuperate. The body is a mass of bruises, welts, and giant red blotches.  Now, I must say that the suggestion of smearing Evening Primrose Oil over the affected areas has proven effective in reducing that swelling and pain, though the bruising remains. I can deal with that. 

I feel well enough to have a real (albeit small) meal this evening. I am starving but the thought of the incredible pain returning turned me off. I have one new prescription that I start today, that should begin the healing so the eating can begin.  Two other prescriptions kick in tomorrow.

And so it goes.



  1. My well wishes are with you. Hang in there that is not easy.
    Urspo gave me a tutoring lesson last night. Things went well and I am learning. I have set up a Fearsome Buds blog roll, may I add you?

    1. Congrats on the tutorial, I'm sure you're a quick study. Thanks for the well wishes and I'd be honored to be added to your blogroll. I've added you place to my own - as you can see.

  2. I'm glad you know what caused your episode and it is treatable. It was scary just reading what happened, it had to have been horrible. It's good to hear you are finishing this chemotherapy cycle. I hope you will be feeling better soon.


    1. Feeling better would be a good thing. It isn't much of a life having to live isolated much of the time without much human contact. I thank the universe for the blogs and blog buddies. Thanks for the visit. Be well.

  3. "Don't check drugs and treatments on the Internet"

    Yeah right! Thank God we didn't listen to our doctor otherwise my mom would have been in deep trouble. He wanted to give my mother a drug that had been banned in many European countries. My mom refused to take it. The doc even tried to bully her into taking it by trying to scare her. Finally it was mom's dentist who specifically made the call to our doctor to tell him the the Dentist Association in Québec was just about to have this med banned and that he didn't want my mom to take it.

    I SO don't trust our medical institution. We're just guinea pigs to them. They don't care at all about our health. In fact, I even believe they do everything to ruin it. Thank God there are alternatives but unfortunately, they aren't easily accessible.

    Take care

    1. You're right, Jon. We're all test subjects. It's all about greed. Can't even count all the drugs disallowed in the USA that work wonders elsewhere because of some big pharma loophole. I have no confidence in the industry (that's what it is) either. Thanks for the visit.

  4. Just read these two posts--before and after Bastille Day--and thank goodness you're okay, and that the doctors knew what it was.
    Sending good thoughts, positive vibes, your way.

    1. Positive anything is always good. Thanks, Bob.


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