Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holiday and Hurricane Cometh

In no particular order...
The REAL Weather Channel.

Heavy rains overnight (nothing to do with Arthur) caused local flooding and kept the humidity high; off the charts and making it hard to breathe.  The sun came out briefly, but made it even worse. 

Had a Labs appointment at 7 a.m. this morning to check my numbers, in case I need fresh blood to hold me over for the holiday weekend, also endured prep testing for the Chemo routine beginning next Monday. Took longer than expected, but I didn’t need to be transfused - this time round. Yay! 

Although I don't feel compromised or ill, the white cell count is farther into the danger zone than anyone suspected. I am not to be in crowds or around small children (unless they’re properly cooked) and must wear the damned Isolation mask when I do venture out in public.  Oh, how I hate having to do that.

I will receive 3 more Neupogen injections this  weekend, however. Today through Saturday. Yes, it’s annoying, but it is what it is.  There’ve been many pricks in my life, but these are by far the easiest to deal with. Sorry.  I just couldn’t help myself with that one, it just made itself and fell out onto the page.

Tourists and Tempests Don’t Mix.  I think I read that somewhere before, and it's true... Where is the Whiskey Sour when you need one?

Mid-day shopping was a nightmare - especially with: 1.) the Independence Day holiday at hand, and 2.) the terror inflicted by the oncoming first hurricane of the season, Arthur.  There was panic in the aisles, car park, and street. Havoc reigns at the beach.  I left without making a purchase. What was I thinking?

What's coming is a Natural Storm, people.  Not Dick Cheney, or Godzilla!  If you’re so scared, why in Hell did you come to the beach, anyway?  OK, OK.  Now, the sky is dark gray to black and the winds are gusting to 35 mph, already. Not a good sign. Never mind.

My newly acquired patience appears to apply only to road rage and heavy traffic. A$$hole shoppers are not included - not yet, anyway. (I guess there is a whole lot more work ahead of me.) The loud rumblings in the sky did nothing to calm folks down.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

BTW, the Silver Queen was grand, had it til it came out of my ears (sorry!) so to speak.  Came across a great way to steam it in the microwave - husks-on. Super delicious and so easy. Corn comes out of the husks clean, and very hot!  I’ve got to see that man and his truck one more time.  

All finger food tonight: ribs, artichoke salad, and silver queen corn (2 ears left) are on the menu. Hey!  It’s something to look forward to, anyway.

The thunderstorms are beginning and I am glad to be home, out of all madness for the duration.  Nothing on my gay agenda until Monday when the Chemo treatments begin again, unless an evacuation order is issued. Which I doubt will happen at this late stage.

And so it goes.



  1. I'm glad you are continuing with you blog. It is one of the best in the blogosphere.

  2. I have never been near a hurricane, so I have never witnessed pre-hurricane shopping. Do people really get iinto a panic? I would think people would be both 'used to this' and have a plan.


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