Friday, July 11, 2014

Rolling Coal, The Weekend, & Card of the Day

Hooray for me!  I saw my first “rolling coal” vehicle (which ought to be illegal) on the highway today. It was a pickup truck with a king cab packed with 5 rednecks swilling beer (which is illegal), playing  loud music, and howling. I call it "black smoke with a side of stoopid." And man, does that smoke stink.  Well, it is coal after all. No briquettes baby, this is the real deal. I can just imagine that nasty stuff ruining the engine of that nice big red truck. 

Summer traffic being what it normally is (heavy, bumper-to-bumper, etc.) on a Friday, they didn’t get their point across.  Instead of the black smoke billowing out behind them as they ripped down the highway, (see image above) they sat in traffic with hundreds of others, that black smoke belching upward (for some reason, the exhaust pipes are installed vertically) then falling and coating nearby vehicles in ashes and soot. Other drivers were not amused - especially those in convertibles. I hope that is the last of those contraptions I ever have contact with.

A reminder that a few miles to the west of here it is mostly redneck country where big confederate flags fly, high power rifles are part of fireworks displays, tiny brains abound, and common sense is in short supply.  

To read about this stuff, or to see video is one thing, but who’da thunk it I’d see the real thing on a local roadway making dreadful noise and giving free asthma attacks to anyone in the vicinity.

Then, there’s the tale of the obese, practically naked, good ‘ol boy rescued from his pontoon boat when he sliced through his penis while cutting bait for his crab traps.  Yes, he was under the influence at the time.  Like you had to ask? 

Or the little girl who went temporarily blind after sticking her face in the bowl of the (running) cotton candy machine. Of course she is fine, will probably breed and the whole scenario will be repeated in the future. Always something to look forward to...glad I won't be here.

But, these are stories for another time.   Maybe not. 

Like I say, you can’t make this stuff up.

I went to thrift stores hunting for Chef’s knives today and  found a 6” Victorinox and a 5.5” OXO. I gave them my box of kitchen things to add to their collection and they wanted to knock a few bucks off my purchase. Christ on a cracker, everything is already so inexpensive, I declined the offer. They put the money to good use helping families in need - and there are a lot of those around here. I am not that needy. 

I have (had) Victorinox knives and know they’re some of the best, but had not heard of OXO until recently, but I hear they’re good and hold an edge.  We’ll just see about that.

Oh, and apropos of nothing, here is my card of the day:
Card description: Honor. 
The symbolism is honor through the forces or accomplishments of the purity and power of spiritual undertakings. This is honor unmarred by ego, something wholly, entirely and completely outside of self. There may be an element of self-satisfaction in that one is closely allied with the source of honor, but the honor is deserved only by the selfless entity symbolized by the flowering rod. 

Note: Rod = Wand, Stave in other decks.)

Anyway, the weekend is here. No more Chemo until Monday (Yay! for me) so all my poked places have a chance to heal before the next 2 rounds.  If the sun makes an appearance, I get to take a few Dawn Patrols walks on the boards - sporting my festive new chapeau. 

And so it goes.



  1. I want to see you in the new chapeau! have a nice weekend!

  2. Thank goodness, I never heard of a rolling coal truck and certainly never hope to see one. Why would anyone take a perfectly good truck and make it the antithesis of environmental protection? Just drawing attention to themselves at the expense of everyone else, who does give a damn. Hopefully, their stupidity will backfire and keep them from procreating and passing that nonsense along!

    1. David, from my reading, it is exactly that. Their way of protesting the new restrictions addressing climate change posed by Prez. Obama. The stoopid (as usual) cut off their noses to spite their faces. And as I wrote in the piece, their point wasn't well made in this case, either. Yes, it backfired.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Do these people ever take time to think about the consequuences of their actions? As you say, they will breed and do it all again somewhere else. That's depressing.

  4. lord love and protect us from these sordid sorts.


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