Monday, July 7, 2014

Fedora or Outback?

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think I look good in hats. Oh sure, I wear a baseball-cap type to keep the sun off my baldpate, but that took a lot of getting used to.  Now this.

This is going to be a part of my morning-walk-on-the-boardwalk attire. (See the image at left.) Thanks to the Chemo and one of the other meds the sun is dangerous to my health, and happy skin. I broke out in a strange sort of blister/rash last evening, by this morning it was a pretty ugly sight and I was a wreck. 

Along with the twin Vidaza injections, I was given another, of some unpronounceable substance which ought to help relieve the itch and bring the blistering under control.

There are no men’s hat shops around here; shops only carry the usual beachy straw things, bands in loud heterosexual colors, with ultra-cool (read Dorky!) narrow brims that do nothing to keep the sun at bay. You know, it’s about a certain style, je nais se quoi. 

So, there you have it. I purchased this one from the same online retailer where I bought the hat for my NOLA holiday last year. That one, a sort of crushable Indiana Jones affair, was very useful (I think), but the brim isn’t wide enough for the protection now required.  I don’t want my neck or face to look like my pate. Of course, I don’t want to look like a horse’s ass, either.

Note: There are no pictures of me in that hat because there are no pictures of me in NOLA. The trip boiled down to high fevers and the interior of the hotel room. Not a festive time, by any stretch of the imagination.

The ankle swelling has returned and this time includes the feet, too. I have 2 new prescriptions to counter this problem, as well. 

It was decided that I looked a bit on the green side when I arrived at the  Center this afternoon, so a blood draw was done, CBC, etc. 2 units are scheduled for me tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, to be followed by the twin Vidaza Chemo injections.  Then, I get to come home and collapse in a ragged heap as the diuretic and Chemo ravages my body.

Every single day there's something new to be bothered with.  Today, it’s the hat, or no more morning walks. I’ll settle for the hat for now and take those walks as long as I can. I may even take a selfie in the damned thing if I get up the nerve. No need to promise not to laugh.  Remember, laughs are good for us.  Remember???  

And so it goes.



  1. laughter remains the best medicine, yes.

  2. I bet you will look SEXAY and I won't have to laugh!

  3. I'd like to see a selfie. : )



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