Sunday, July 6, 2014

Disturbing Night - Stunning Sunrise.

Sunrise over the Atlantic this morning. Cool, and quiet; few people around. I grabbed the camera and headed to the beach just at dawn. By the time I got my large iced coffee the sun was already where you see it in the image, but partly behind a band of clouds. Very pretty.  The photo doesn’t do justice, really. My boardwalk stroll was perfectly timed and if the camera didn’t register the gorgeous imagery, my eyes did.  Just stunning, as usual.

It was not a good night in these parts. I was awakened by fireworks at about midnight.  No, these weren’t authorized or city-sponsored.  It seems it was a large family gathering that pushed the envelope.  Very disturbing, sounded as if they were right next door, though they were around the corner and down the block. 

Evidently the home responsible is cause for concern by police more than a few times a season. In any case, I was not in a state conducive to sleep after that shake-a-wake call.  I did try getting back to sleep, but it was no good. The night and my sweet, relaxed mood had been shattered, maybe what we call an “altered state.” Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

When sirens wailed belatedly, I figured there had been an injury and an ambulance was summoned. Indeed, that was the case.

So, 2 a.m. found me preparing eggs and toast for breakfast while knocking back a huge cup of coffee.  Eventually, I had 2 of those large cups, but the caffeine didn’t take effect for hours. 

My original plan was to breakfast at the best place in town this morning, but having eaten a large meal so early, I thought it best to wait for another day. 

The Royal Treat has been here forever.  Owned and run by my sidekick Deb and her family.  It’s a multi-generational thing. Families come back year after year. No reservations, first come first served. (The tables on the screened front porch are always the first  to go.) Even the First Lady waited in line last summer for her bacon and eggs. (She was here with the girls for a weekend.  The prez wasn’t with them.)

If you’ve been to Rehoboth you probably already know the place.  Someone may have already introduced you the "treat". If not, make sure you put it on your list to visit when you do come to Rehoboth. It’s delicious, tradition, and well worth the wait for a table. 

The place is legendary for not only their breakfasts, but their homemade ice creams. Most of us locals love the place, but since most of us work all the time, it’s tough to get a break to enjoy a meal or sundae there except once or twice a season.

It’s probably best that I didn’t go today. A sunday is very busy with lots of big families in attendance. I guess I could surprise everyone by showing up tomorrow.  Now that I have the Handicap placard, parking close by won't be an issue. 

And so it goes.


  1. just returned home from the in-laws. people up there were doing fireworks AND shotguns. idiots.

  2. Sorry about your sleep loss and noise pollution that caused it. However, I am very glad to see you enjoying sunrises and walks, especially after so many medical "down" days.


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