Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sassy Bear & The Cajun Treatment Comparison

OK Sassy Bear, you’re on.  Here is a shot of Sean (aka Sassy Bear) patiently awaiting treatment, and one of Self scowling after treatment, posing in our individual, unique torture chamber devices er’ Infusion chairs.

 Sassy looks all Sunshine and Lollipops in a cheerful, brightly lit atmosphere. He is resigned, showing the face of experience; one who has been around this block - or others like it -  a few times before. Like, “This Too Shall Pass” kind of face. Yes, the photo is shamelessly pilfered from his site. So, sue me!

While I, on the other hand, stuck in a corner, look like a refugee from the walking dead.  Sporting my festive rash on calves and forearms. I ain’t none too happy about being where I have to be.  In our own way we are each saying "well, here we are again.  Now, what?"

First off, the chairs at my Center are new, boasting heat and massage capabilities with a fly-away, drop-down tray for use when needed.  Sassy’s Center chairs look like High-Chairs for grownups.  But never mind. 

Sassy, thank the goddess Eiron we’re not treated in the same center - together - simultaneously.  Although it would do us a world of good, the staff would probably run out of the place screaming. And, you know what, that’s as it should be. 

Seriously Sean, I hope your nursing staff is as caring and compassionate as mine. They help me to carry on, maintain my sensashumah, and are very sensitive to my needs. Sometimes even before I know I have them.

I am grateful that you have your man and your close friend to see you through what must be frustratingly horrendous to deal with.

On the other hand, I am looking for a way out of this medical madness. I’d like to leave the planet. I’ve tried phoning home - no one answers.  With my luck they’ve probably changed the locks while I’ve been away. I’m stuck.

Anyway, Ladies and Gentlemen, If you call right now, you can vote on the most fashionable infusion center furnishings.  Operators are standing by…

And so it goes.



  1. A.) Killer beard
    B.) Killer legs
    C.) Your chair wins, hands down!
    D.) The only place you're going ... Is to get better.
    E.) I'd actually look forward to infusions if I got to go and hang with you.
    F.) if we did share infusion rooms, all of the nurses would be men and they wouldn't run screaming because they'd be stuck there pampering us.

  2. Both of you look so cute. Even if you know what's coming.

  3. I am SO digging the beard, cajun! FABULOUS!

  4. I agree with Sean, the only place you're going is to get better.


  5. Your face doesn't say "scowl" as much as it says tired and bored. Things will get better soon.

  6. Each one more handsome than the other.


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