Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pick One?

Oh, sure! 

That’s easier said than done.  In the off-season, we could have a drink at each place, but it ain’t, so we can’t. Linda suggested choosing from 5 venues for our mini-party. Choosing one isn’t going to be easy.  I mean, check out this list:

The Henlopen City Oyster House
The Blue Moon
The Pig and Fish
Salt Air
Cafe Azafran, Lewes

All offer super Happy Hour drink specials, and the HH food menus are outrageously good and inexpensive. The chefs always try new things, or bring back popular items from the old dinner menu, but in smaller, half-plate portions. 

Hog wings, mussels in wine with scallions, fried green tomatoes topped with lump crab remoulade, various cheese boards, sliders, etc.  You get the idea. Happy Hour food can be (and has been) an evening’s supper.

But, where to go? I’d rather just go along where ever everyone else wants to go. Let’s be honest, I haven’t been to a full-blown HH in a group since I got sick last Summer, so everyone else already knows where the best goodies are to be had.

I think they want me to choose because it’s my day.  I’d rather be surprised, myself. 

The only venue I would skip over would be The Blue Moon.  It’s a top-notch, fine-dining restaurant, one of the state's best since 1980.  But not for HH at the bar. Too many young, DC queans in their Abercrombie & Fitch skinny jeans and tee shirts - and they all wear them. It’s the clone look of the decade, dont'cha know.  They tend to be noisy and obnoxious drunks, but seem content to put up with one another for an evening.  I am not!

Cafe Azafran & Salt Air have the shortest HH hours (5 to 7 pm) and I know that
will be a problem for the lushes ‘er heavier drinkers in our group. So, all things considered, we’re down to The Oyster House (3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) or Pig & Fish (4 p.m. to 7 p.m.).  If you read this space often you will already know that both of these are faves of mine.

I’ll suggest both to Linda, since some of the gang may have to work the lunch shift til 4 p.m. anyway, and let them finalize the location accordingly.  I don’t think I can be more diplomatic than that. And after 7 hours at the Center today, I am too tired to even try.

At this point, I'd be happy sitting on a park bench under a tree drinking wine from a box or paper sack, as long as I was with those I care about.

And so it goes.


  1. your two choices sound dee-lish! cause you KNOW I am all about the seafood!

    I too have done HH apps for dinner; our local watering hole (heh heh heh, I said "hole") does all apps $6 between 5-7p (you have a choice of 8 apps, all made fresh to order).

    the blue moon is a place to see mark do his elton john/neil diamond impersonations; I would not think of it for dining.

    1. AM, they're 2 distinct entities, and there is seldom spillover. It is one of the finest in DE. Out of my price range except for a very special occasion.

  2. I like the name Pig + Fish. I would choose that one even though I haven't been to any of them.

    1. Fearsome, name stands for "Eat like a pig and drink like a fish. Their menus are diverse and special menu items are always a "must try this" sort of thing.

  3. food and cheer over hoarded gold makes for a merrier world.

  4. I, too, like the name Pig and Fish--especially the reason behind the name!
    It sounds fun.


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