Friday, July 4, 2014

Observing the Fourth - Differently

I am not a big fan of 4th of July Celebrations.  I've had enough hot dogs and patriotic cupcakes to last a lifetime.  Since I worked most holidays it was more fun for me to enjoy watching others enjoy.  Of course, as with all American holidays, getting drunk is a major priority, while making an ass of oneself earns extra points and a likely trip to the ER following an enchanting “Hey, Watch This!” moment.  Yes, indeed.  Three Cheers for the Black & Blue, er' Red, White, and Blue.

Frankly, I prefer this…

to This…

In heavy downpours and high winds, on flooded roadways, I drove to the center for the injection this morning, then stopped by the drugstore to pick up yet another called-in prescription that I previously knew nothing about.  It is ever thus…

My clothes hang in the bathtub drip-drying as I type. Of course, I was soaked to the skin, and then some. Even the underwear took the hit. Yes, I know - TMI!!! I was freezing when I got in.  Rains have continued through mid-afternoon, and my bones are beginning to ache from the Neupogen. 

Observing people this week I've noticed there is a sort of pall over the beach communities this holiday. Not caused by the hurricane, which hasn't done any damage, but the sort of chronic fatigue of everyone - resident and tourist alike - and if today is any measure, most are anxious for the Summer to be over and out of the way. Seems to me they’re rushing the year, though.

I was out early enough that I picked up a few cleaning supplies, so I can run a few loads of laundry today or tomorrow - more likely tomorrow - and folks just seemed all party’d-out; none too happy to be here.  I could chalk it up to the frenzy leading up to the hurricane, but since it missed us I would think everyone would be grateful and ready for the beach tomorrow.  But that doesn’t appear to be the case. I could chalk it up to the rain and drizzly weather, but that’s not uncommon around here in summer.  No, this is different.  

My usually boisterous, heavy-smoking, Duck-Dynasty-loving neighbors are more subdued, even with a house full of visitors.  They’ve set up 3 huge beach umbrellas in the alley, each overlapping the others so they can sit outdoors in whatever weather and cookout, play games, annoy the other neighbors, you know, the usual. But there’s been no loud, obnoxious music or screaming.  Mostly just quiet conversation.  Even the kids are more indoors than out, doing God-knows-what, but quietly.

We’re at the halfway point and it’s all downhill from here.  A local store circular has Autumn decorations, gifts, and pumpkins on sale - yes, already. Even before the back-to-school shit hits the shelves, which ought to be any time now. 

And now, just to be annoying,  I have broken my 30 year old can opener (I didn’t know they could break!) and will have to purchase another. Maybe it was old age (grin). Have to find one first.  Nothing electric, just a plain reliable smooth edge can opener.  I hate having to go out again, but I’ll need it sometime over the weekend, I am sure.

I’ll wait to see if the rains slack off, and if not, I’ll shop around tomorrow after the morning injection. The fact that the blood count continues to drop, and I’ve required 3 consecutive Neupogen injections 2 weeks in a row, has me concerned about what may come next.  

Anyway, the hifalutin surgeon at Christiana Medical Center told me last year that without benefit of a marrow transplant I had about 2 years of infusions before the old body couldn’t take it anymore and shut down.

Whatever the case, it is what it is.

 Right now I am about to marinate a pork loin roast in olive oil, rosemary, and garlic for my supper this afternoon/evening.  It will be accompanied by fingerling potatoes and brussel sprouts.

The sky is beginning to lighten up, so I may make a valiant effort to find a new can opener today, after all. Then again…

And so it goes.

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  1. The older I get, the stupider (?) most younger people seem to be.


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