Sunday, July 6, 2014

Is Blogging Dead?

"Are Blogs Dead?" A couple of blogs I read regularly have recently posed the question:  Are Blogs dying, near death, comatose, accepting donations of flowers for their soon-to-be demise, or already pushing up daisies?

None of the above, IMHO. These same bloggers, like me, dismiss Twitter and FaceBook, so where’s the rub? Is it all about “hits” and how many visitors actually read what is posted?  It’s easy to get delusional about these things.  Just because the counter says they spent 20 minutes reading your stuff, doesn’t mean they did. IMHO, Numbers mean nothing unless the blogger is on an extended ego trip.

Well, in the first place, why do you blog? Are you an aspiring writer using the medium as a stepping stone to stardom?  Good luck.  Though I think the more you write the better writer you become, that’s my own theory.

Are you writing for yourself in hope of reaching others of like mind who share your interests, views, and political leanings? If so, your chances of reaching those goals are pretty good

For myself, I like to read someone who is being honest with themselves - and me. Share what you wish, but don’t lie about the rest just to appease other readers.  I’ve found this a few times and it”s an immediate turn-off.  It’s your blog, written about your life, beliefs, and who you are. (Or is it who you SAY you are?) Share what you will - the good, bad, and ugly, but only if you want to. If that’s a lie, the whole reason for blogging is a sham. 

There is no shortage of phony people in the world, why add to the list? No one has a gun to your head telling you what to write, but what you write ought to be the truth - not some made up Disney-ish fantasy to placate certain readers, if you get my drift.  

I’ve met some great people via this space, and hope to meet more, if possible. They challenge me, give me hope, bring a new insight to any given subject and honor my opinions on those same subjects.  To me, that’s what this is all about.  

Connecting with a larger community; people of like mind, and even if you never meet in person a bond is forged.  A connection that has been made so one feels that they’re not alone in their passions and trials of life.

I do get annoyed when a regular blogger stops writing abruptly without offering a explanation. You know what I mean.  Readers invest in the blogs we read, only want the best for our blogger buddies, and if they choose to discontinue; if the blog becomes more a chore than a beloved hobby, then have the courtesy to let us in on the decision - don’t just walk away and disappear.  It’s not fair and shows a lack of respect for the rest of the community.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t consider myself a writer, but I write about my life in much the same way that I speak. Oh, I can get gussied up when necessary, but thank heavens, that’s not often.  I prefer being myself.

I write stuff that some find offensive or inappropriate, makes some uncomfortable, but that’s their opinion.  They don’t have to read the post if that’s the case. But, never try to tell me that I shouldn’t have written it.  That crosses the line. 

That leads me to the other wonderful thing about blogs: The Comments. I usually lurk when I first find an interesting site, but I am a happy commenter once I get comfortable with the writer and know that my comments will be taken in the spirit they are written. I admit I have a very warped sensahumah.

Most bloggers love comments, and just because I don’t comment on a given post doesn’t mean I’ve not read it.  It may mean that other commenters have already covered the points I would have made in my own comment.  So, forget the numbers game, as I said, it’s an ego trip.

Write for yourself.  What you care about. What interests you or knocks your socks off.  Share music and videos you’ve discovered, then sit back and wait for comments from those who already know and love the artist, composer, or director.  That’s how we learn and grow. We share.

No… Blogging isn’t dead.  It’s not even wheezing. No need for life support. Just enjoy and blog for your own reasons.  For Community and shared knowledge, plus a whole lot more.

(I wrote this very quickly, so please forgive repeated thoughts or observations.  If I read through it again, I’ll want to edit and clean it up. I just don’t want to do that with this post. - It Is What It Is.)

And so it goes.


  1. Very well written! Don't change a thing. Is blogging dead? I've heard that lame lament too and that's just what it is. Blogging may be "dead" for those who use blogging as another source of income (ads) but for those of us who write regularly on blogs, blogging is not dead and never will be until we die of course. Then you will see an abrupt change in my blog postings because I doubt if anyone will notify the blogging world of my passing. When I go I'll just drop off the face of the earth. A relief to some I know and maybe a loss to others I would like to think. Whatever, I like blogging. To me blogging is my therapy. "Write it down" they say. I am and I will until I can no longer function. Thanks again for explaining so well why blogging isn't "dead."

  2. since I have no friends, I figured blogging was a good way to make some. and quite a few of my boyfriends encouraged me. so here I am with 40 followers and lovely friends who read my drivel!

    1. It's only drivel if you think it's so.

  3. Ironically I think every blogger I read has posted this sort of entry once upon a time - and I have read such since 2006.Happily some of us are 'alive and kicking' and likely to remain so.

  4. Absolutely love reading blogs. Personal and political ones. Good to get out of myself and see the world through the eyes of others and learn something about myself in the process. No, blogs are not dead and readers like me hope they never do. Thank you for an another interesting read.

  5. Happy to see you are being so prolific in your writing lately. It's always a good thing to feel you are happy, too. Keep it coming.

  6. All I know is that I very much enjoy reading your blog. I want to hear about your days, both good and bad and I always find your point of view interesting.

    Thank you,

  7. This is my first ever comment. your blog is therapy to me. I have been diagnosed with similar cancer to what you are coping with. myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), and the way you handle the stress, treatment, good and bad days and keep your sense of humor is a lesson for me. I am selfish in that I am glad you and your blog exist for my wellbeing.


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