Thursday, July 3, 2014

Arthur, Schmarthur. Just Go Away!

Tourist’s and Tempests Don’t Mix.

Rehoboth Beach is just east of Washington DC - on the Atlantic coast. We do not need a hurricane baring down on us on the Independence Day Weekend. 

Just to add my two-cents (plain), here’s to Le Morte d’Arthur.

Update HERE at the NHC.

More later.



  1. Never seen or experienced a hurricane - or a tornado. They all look so......well, 'romantically' scary.
    Btw: I assume that with a name like this one has the hurricane season begins in July each year? I hope that, as you wish it, you manage to shoo Arthur away.

  2. Yes, every year the naming begins at the top of the alphabet. This is the first time in a while that an "A" tropical storm became a hurricane. June 1 to November 30 is considered Hurricane season. Though a few have slid through before and after those dates, that's pretty close to the limit. Oh, and once you've been through one, there ain't nothing romantic about them.

    1. Yes, I can imagine. Once in a while they pop up in my dreams - and even there they scare the bejeesus outa me!

  3. Having survived many hurricanes in south Florida and NC including way back to Hazel in 1954, I agree there's nothing romantic about them. Many newbies make the mistake of making drunken parties out of them.

    Living here in Wilmington NC, Arthur is just a few miles away right now producing rain bands and winds. Water spout was seen earlier at Southport NC. Power keeps going off and on intermittently, but luckily so far, no sustained power outages. Some lightening and thunder earlier this afternoon.

  4. it looks like it won't even get close.

  5. We got slammed. There is no road. Clean up will take a while. Summer is over for us.

    M & B


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