Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fortune Cookies? Feh!

“The Mills of the Universe grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small. Patience is necessary at this time.” Yep.  That’s the best they could cough up.

 In truth, I guess it might be better than “You will meet a tall dark stranger who will whisk you away to an exotic location and lay you, honey, like you ain’t never been laid before.”  

Hmm!  On the other hand…

After Chemo and Infusion, I met a friend/co-worker for late lunch today at (think fortune cookie!) afterwards I was supposed to take pictures of him and his two boys - doing what little 3 & 5 year-olds do on muggy summer days. Photos to be sent to the grandparents in Belarus. Their government won’t allow them to visit the US for fear they’ll defect, although they have a well-established, profitable business in the country.

We had just finished lunch when he received a text from his wife calling off the whole adventure.  Seems the boys came home from morning classes at the YMCA with some kind of bug. Neither was feeling well and she thought it a bad idea that I be exposed to them at this time.

She is a nurse and although I was disappointed, I appreciate her concern for my well-being. I have to wear the isolation mask often enough, I don’t want to have the annoyance of it when I’m out having a good time with a friend and his kids.

So, like the responsible adults we are, Alex and I ordered a bottle of wine and chatted for a few hours.  It was just what I needed.  A light-hearted conversation with an intelligent, non-medical-related adult who can identify with my current life. I’m a lucky man.

When I arrived home there was a small package in the mailbox - along with the bills. The return address was Ontario, Canada.  When I opened the package there was another box inside. This one gift-wrapped, but without a card.  It had been raining for some time so the outer packaging was very wet, but the inside wrapping was a mylar gift wrap so the inner box received little damage

Now, there are few people anymore who have my home, snail-mail address (aside from creditors and  hospitals, that is) so unless someone comes forward who ever sent this is a mystery.

As there was no identifying information or instructions (and my birthday is next week), I opened the package.  It’s a deck of Tarot cards. One I’ve not seen before. The deck is called “The Ancestral Path” Quite beautiful. I guess I’m becoming a Tarot Deck collector.  Suddenly, I have five decks and I treasure them all.  There will be more of this surprise later.

Back to the mundane: One new prescription was for something called “the magic mouthwash” which actually is a a few drugs suspended in liquid meant to be swished around the mouth - then swallowed. The idea is to treat the enflamed esophagus so I can eat without choking hazard. I’ve been told it tastes “really nasty” - well I’ve had worse tastes in my 67 year-old mouth, I am sure. 

It needs to be ingested at least a half-hour before eating because it numbs the mouth interior and since I’m pigging out on soup tonight, (did you read that Dr. Spo?) I hope for a smooth transition.

I’d prefer Prime Rib, but that’s out of the question for now.

For now!

And so it goes.



  1. I don't know much about tarot cards. The few times mine have been read (Thanks Spo) I have been intrigued as to how spot on they are.

  2. Wonderful news that you could share some time with a friend outside the hospital setting. Also, sounds like a beautiful gift from someone who knows you and knows you enjoy the tarot. Hope you find out who sent the cards. Will you post pictures of the cards some time?

  3. There is a Eastern European saying if you eat soup daily you will never be ill.
    Keep eating the soup!


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